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Wellness Services

Since the start of 2016, over two hundred-fifty people have been served through our drop-in groups and classes.
We believe that trauma can and does affect everyone. Even if trauma doesn’t affect us directly, we all have someone close to us that has experienced it. We also believe that trauma healing is possible.
Our groups and classes are open to all community members.


*A Note About Fees: Our fees reflect our “breakeven” costs.  Fees are adjusted based on income and ability to pay.  We do not take insurance so we depend on fees to keep our doors open.  We do not turn anyone away for lack of funds.  When people pay more than the posted fee they support someone who is unable to pay as much.  If you’d like to support this important healing work please go to our donation page.  Every penny counts!!

Groups & Classes

See current Wellness Services Schedule for details.

Stress and Anxiety Relief Group Acupuncture
Uses auricular acupuncture to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can be helpful for insomnia, cravings and pain.

Full-body acupuncture in a group setting (by appointment) – Acupuncture promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating certain body points.  Benefits include reduction in depression, pain, anxiety, headaches, and PTSD symptoms.

Gentle Yoga – Designed for anyone, at any level and any mobility.  Can help ease pain, help sleep, increase immunity, promote well-being and build strength and mobility.

Yoga Suave en español – por todos niveles y movilidad.

Nia Moving to Heal – For anyone of any fitness level looking for a gentle practice. Can help reduce depression, anxiety and stress and improve mobility and strength.

Mindfulness Group with Abby – Guided mindfulness practice. Can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety, improve immunity and promote general well-being.

Healing Through Discussion Support Group – Facilitated discussion group with trauma related topics. Learn together with others to build community and find support. Click here for topics

Tenemos clases en español también. Para el horario haz clic aqui.

Cognitive Emotional Wellness Acupuncture
Improves depression, anxiety, insomnia and promotes mental alertness and emotional balance.
New Class!!
You are the Expert on You! Fun activities that lead to self-discovery
Write Now!
A writing workshop to simply give ourselves the space to share our words in a safe, supportive environment. No writing experience necessary.

Room Use

We have a large training room, movement space, and small meeting rooms to share with like-minded community partners.  Fees are based upon event fees, size and timing, and status of the host (e.g. non-profit versus corporate or private). Snack and beverage service available.  Please click here for more information.