Training and Technical Assistance

Trauma-Informed care thoroughly incorporates, in all aspects of service delivery, an understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma and the complex paths to healing and recovery. Trauma-informed services are designed specifically to reduce stress and to avoid re-traumatizing both those who provide and those who use them.

The Trauma Healing Project provides training and technical assistance to community members and professionals who want to better understand and provide support to those impacted by trauma. We provide training for community members and professionals, organizational assessments, and Trauma-informed care implementation support. We have provided training to over 3,000 local professionals and community members, and have presented our work regionally, nationally and internationally.

We offer specialized trainings and services for organizations, professionals, and healing arts practitioners:

For Organizations
For Professionals
For Healing Arts Practitioners


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Participants in our trainings report being more knowledgeable about the impacts of trauma on individual and community health, more confident in their ability to respond in helpful ways to disclosures of abuse or violence, and more able to identify and refer to appropriate community resources.  Professionals also report being more likely to incorporate trauma screening and assessment into their routine practice protocols.