Healing Arts Program Virtual Offerings

The Trauma Healing Project is working hard to bring you wellness services and support offerings using platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live and others.  We have also created Tips and Tricks for Surviving and Thriving: a wellness newsletter to help navigate this difficult time and inform you of classes and events.  To view past newsletters, click here.

*Fees: The break even cost for our online classes is $15.00. This is what it costs us to provide the service. However, in this challenging time, we encourage you to attend regardless of your ability to pay.

Traducción en español:

En estos tiempos difíciles, cuando apoyo de la comunidad es más necesario que nunca, el Trauma Healing Project ha estado trabajando duro para traer servicios de bienestar y ofrecimientos de apoyo usando plataformas digitales como Zoom, Facebook Live, y otras. Nosotros hemos creado consejos y trucos para sobrevivir y prosperar boletín informativo para ofrecer avisos para ayudar navegar estos tiempos difíciles y para anunciar clases nuevos, y eventos. Este aviso será en inglés, pero para hablantes de español, estamos creando una traducción del boletín informativo en español. Nosotros vamos a avisarlos cuando sale ese boletín en los siguientes días. También vamos a compartir ofrecimientos de bienestar de algunos de los increíbles practicantes quien trabajan con el Trauma Healing Project. Manténganse bien y prosperan.

*Precios: Todas nuestras clases en el internet precios de equilibrio son *$15 dólares. Esto es el precio que nos cuesta para ofrecer estos servicios. Nosotros agradecemos lo que sea que puedes contribuir, pero entendemos que este tiempo es difícil para todos. Nosotros te animamos a atender nuestros servicios sin importar si pueden pagar. Por ahorita, la mayoría de nuestros servicios solo tienen instructores monolingües, pero para eventos/clases con instructores que pueden ofrecer un poco de acomodación en español, lo vamos a marcar con este símbolo (ES). Manténganse bien.

Center and Renew
40 + wellness sessions led by Emily Pyle and Jen Donovan have been recorded and are available for streaming or download through our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.

Dancing Mindfulness (*$15-sliding scale)
This class is currently offered through Zoom
The 4th Friday of each month

7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Dancing Mindfulness via Zoom combines free form dance and attitudes of mindfulness to create an expressive meditative experience that can be deeply healing and transformative.  Facilitated by Dawn McIlwain with a soundscape that combines rhythms from around the world.  For anyone, of any mobility, this is a way to find your own rhythm, access your inner healing resources and tell your story through movement and sound.

Healing Through Discussion Support Group (*$15-sliding scale)
This class will be offered through Zoom.
Thursdays from 10:00 am-11:30 am

Join us for this facilitated weekly group to share strategies for healing and to explore a range of topics.  Participants need to be comfortable in a group setting with a wide variety of people.  Learn together to build community and find support.

Healing Through Art (*$15-sliding scale)
This class will be offered through Zoom
Fridays 2 pm-3 pm 

Healing Through Art via Zoom uses different expressive mediums that can improve mental and emotional well-being and help manage stress and anxiety.  This group is based on self-expression and requires no previous experience.  After registration you will receive a list of supplies needed for the class.

Nia: Moving to Heal (*$15-sliding scale)
This class will be offered through Zoom
Wednesdays 3 pm- 4 pm 

Nia is a fusion of dance, mindfulness and martial arts blended into a powerful synergistic workout designed for anyone.  Nia can help to heal from injury or illness, reduce depression, anxiety and stress and improve mobility and strength, or for those simply looking for a gentle practice.  

Special Trauma Healing Project Events:

Gentle Yoga for Calming the Nervous System with Diane Butera 

This class will be offered through Zoom Tuesday July 7th, from 7-8:30pm.

Yoga can be highly therapeutic and offers a gentle reawakening of the mind and a soft embrace of the body, enabling us to brighten our spirits.  This gentle yoga class encourages use of breath, balance and mindfulness.  The class is sequenced to move from seated on the floor to laying down, to standing and back to the floor.  The intent is to use embodiment to calm the nervous system and find inner peace, as well as outer strength.

To REGISTER for any of these classes, click on the title of the class.