Board of Directors

Maritza Herrera, President

Maritza is a first-generation Latina immigrant from El Estado de México. She has lived, worked and played in Lane County since moving here in 2001 to pursue her education in Anthropology and Business Administration at the University of Oregon.  She has diverse experience working with unions, public transportation, and radio, and currently works for the Oregon Department of Human Services focusing in the areas of domestic violence, equity and inclusion, and trauma informed care. In 2010, Maritza was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Credit Union Association of Oregon for her work in serving under-banked communities. In 2014, she worked to open a Spanish radio station in Lane County and later served as an advisor to launch a second station. She currently a member of the Lane Equity Coalition, and of the 90by30 Steering Committee.  Maritza loves dogs, enjoys cooking, hiking, warm beaches, and spending time with friends and family.

Amanda CobbAmanda Cobb, Vice-President

Amanda has 20 years’ experience in Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial health plan operations, with management of IT, analytics, quality improvement and product development. She has over 10 years experience implementing behavioral health integration efforts, transformation and special care coordination projects. She is passionate about social determinants of health and health care transformation.

“Trauma occurs far too often to too many people. Helping people and organizations become trauma-informed and integrated is important to help people heal and avoid new adverse experiences. I believe THP can be a catalyst for this change.”

Ariel Lissman, Treasurer

Ariel has more than 20 years experience as a community leader. He has been an executive director of a municipal agency for community culture and recreation services, and is a life-long team development professional. In addition to serving on the Trauma Healing Project board of directors he coaches leaders in local government and private sector around growth mindset. He is the founder and leader of Spirit City, an organization dedicated to helping leaders in the community and recreation industry to grow their impact. He is happily married and is raising three beautiful girls in Eugene, Oregon.

“Trauma healing is about enhancing the light and not fighting the darkness.”

Annette Marcus, Secretary

Annette Marcus is proud to be a social worker and confesses to laughing too loudly at really bad puns. She staffs the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide  and is in an advisory role to the Oregon Health Authority. Before that she was the regional director of Oregon Family Support Network in Lane County where she learned about the struggles and strength of parents who advocate daily for their children who have behavioral and developmental health challenges.  In California, Annette was a director in the statewide Strategies project which provided cutting edge training and technical assistance and was instrumental in the development of the California Strengthening Families Round-table working to promote cross-system collaboration to build protective factors. She lives in Eugene with her wife Sarah, cat and four chickens. She and Sarah met in 1986 walking across the United States on the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament. This wonderful adventure gave her a sense of optimism about human resilience and the power of meaningful community.

“THP has been there for me and my family as we have been healing from a traumatic event that led to our move to Oregon. I love THP’s  warm and welcoming atmosphere, openness to multiple modalities for healing and understanding of the impact of trauma paired with hope and a belief in all people’s resilience. I want the Trauma Healing Project to thrive and hope that my participation on the board can contribute to that.”

Ana Maria DudleyAna Maria Dudley, Member

Full bio coming soon!!

Ana Maria works half time as a Community Health Worker at PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center and half time with the South Lane School District Family Resource Center to advocate for health care and other supports for families in the Cottage Grove area, including the area’s growing Guatemalan community.

Debi Farr, Member

Debi is the Manager of Community Relations at Trillium Community Health Plan, where she manages charitable giving, community engagement and program development. Farr’s experience in community relations and public service spans more than three decades. Currently Farr is Chair of the Bethel School Board and serves on multiple community boards and coalitions including Lane County Poverty and Homelessness Board, Trauma Healing Project Board of Directors, Lane Early Learning Alliance Governance Consortium, Lane Equity Coalition, and the 100% Health Executive Committee. Farr is married to Pat Farr, Chair of the Lane County Board of Commissioners and shares his passion for finding solutions to homelessness. Together they have raised three amazing humans who have given them the gift of five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Ilisa Rooke-Ley, Advisor-Member at Large

Ilisa fist became a lawyer in Florida in 1989 working for the Dade County Public Defender’s Office. She then took a few years off to parents her three children. She and her family moved to Eugene and she worked as a private lawyer representing indigent people and then with Public Defender’s Services of Lane County for thirteen years. She then worked as a Lane County Circuit Court judge for eleven years. She presided over Lane County’s Treatment Courts for four years and then Juvenile Treatment Court for two years.
Her passion is empowering others without judging the circumstances that brought the litigants before her.

“I have seen how trauma impacts people and their choices and I support the healing that everyone deserves to live their best life.”

Regie Sison-Valenti, Member

Regie Sison-Valenti views life as gift to be opened and people she has not met as friends yet to be made. She was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and her favorite thing to eat is a dozen steamed blue crabs, and she loves the Orioles and The Ravens. She lives with her young-adult daughter, Alex, who is the light of her life. As a family support facilitator for Reach Out Oregon and embraces peer support as a way of creating relationship and building community with the families she serves. She has played softball for most of her life and it still brings her joy as she manages and plays on a traveling senior women’s softball team called Team Battleaxe.  As a foster parent for over 25 years, Regie understands the importance of trauma healing particularly with children and parents who have been involved with systems.

“I have personally experienced the impact of trauma on families and children and am passionate about the need to educate and train parents, caregivers and educators on how to recognize and help heal trauma.”

Current Opportunities

We are seeking members with fundraising & development skills and experience bringing products to market. The board of directors meets monthly. There are also occasional special meetings of the board and an annual planning retreat. For more information, email Elaine Walters or call her at 541-687-9447.