Creative Writing



Creative expression has many benefits, from stress and anxiety relief to getting to know yourself better.  Our previous creative writing facilitator Rachael Pruitt has offered some writing guidelines and prompts to spark some inspiration.  Adding time limits is important, especially at the beginning, so that it doesn't feel overwhelming.   Here are a few prompts/ideas to explore:

  • Visual Prompts. Capture the mood of one or both of the pictures shown without using the names of colors or emotions. Tell a story from your point of view.


  • Write about social distancing. What does & has it meant to you?  Write some details of feelings, moments, experiences, bearing in mind the uniqueness of the past year in your - and the world's - experience.


  • Suggested Prompts (or free write if you choose) - 10 or 15 minutes:

    * When the rain started, I..."

    *Finding a treasure..

    *My favorite place.."

    * A secret....."

    "A gift that changed my life..."

    "A favorite song.."

    "Breaking down...."

    "A hug when I most needed it...."

    "Where do birds go?"

    "Is there life on Mars :)"

    Follow-up to prompts or second writing activities: (20-30+ minutes)

    1) Go deeper into any of the pieces you just started or a piece of writing you've begun elsewhere...    OR

    2) Explore the uniqueness of this time when the world has stopped.  Have you found gifts as well as uncertainties?  Explore...    OR

    3) Explore what matters most to you.  Potentially look at a moment in childhood when you became aware of what this was and why it mattered so much.  Potentially recreate this moment, bring it back alive using all 5 senses to recreate it.

    Writing Project:

    Create a Utopian World:  Use your creative imagination to design an ideal world unique to your values and dreams.  Think of the many aspects of culture, including shelter, community, food, values, clothing, trade, pets and the natural environment, communication, relationships, technology, transportation, beliefs/religion and government.  Also feel free to invent citizens of this world who might have different abilities, gifts, appearances, and values than we - such as being able to speak with plants and/or animals, etc.  Allow yourself to fully describe and imagine what it would be like to live in such a world.  Optional: Using this created 'realm' as a background, have fun creating characters, problems, issues, antagonists, etc.  Essentially, enjoy some creative play in your utopia 🙂