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“When I first came to the Trauma Healing Project I had just been released from a psychiatric hospital from post-traumatic mental collapse, and was physically beaten.  I was so traumatized I would stutter to try to complete sentences. I was on medication and in severe pain. Working with THP provided a calm and soothing environment where I felt protected and nourished. In the relatively short time I have been receiving services, I am now off medications for both mental trauma and pain. Everyone at the Trauma Healing Project has gone above and beyond, handling my trauma and walking me through this.”

~ Sweet Rita D, a current Healing Arts Program participant

Thank you for supporting trauma healing and for being a steward of our community’s well-being. Every dollar you contribute helps to create a more resilient community – one service and one person at a time.  Your support we are cultivating a vibrant and connected community where anyone impacted by violence, abuse or other trauma receives the support and attention they need to fully recover and thrive.

We look forward to being part of your community in 2024 and beyond.

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