Evaluation-Crisis De-escalation

    Thank you for taking time to complete this post-training evaluation. Your feedback will help us make improvements to future trainings and understand more about your training needs.

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    As a result of this training:

    1. I gained new skills to help me maintain my own safety in an emotionally charged or crisis situation:
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    2. I am better prepared to help de-escalate and support someone experiencing an emotional crisis or emotional distress:
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    3. I am more aware of how my body language relays my own emotional state and can be used intentionally as a method of communication:
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    4. I am more likely to use grounding techniques to manage my own state of emotional regulation:
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    What did you learn that will be the most helpful to you in your life or work?

    What did you like best about the training?

    What would you change about this training for the future?

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