Expression Through Art


EXPRESS YOURSELF!  Prompts, Exercises & Projects

  • Center and Ground. Draw some anchors that are on your path. Start by drawing a path (this can be imaginary or perhaps a trail you have been on). Then draw images of written words that symbolize things that help you to feel centered or grounded.
  • Create Comfort. We have experienced thick cloud cover or fog in this climate. Start by drawing clouds or fog, leave a portion of the page blank and imagine what is before you when the cloud/fog starts to lift. Try to think of subjects that are comforting to you.
  • Evolve and Grow. Each of us is in a state of evolution. Try to imagine a subject(s) that symbolize growth to you. These can be literal or imaginary.
  • Accomplishment. Consider drawing mountains and valleys. The mountains can symbolize times when you have felt a sense of accomplishment, the valleys can be a times when you have felt struggle.
  • Grounding and Gratitude. Think of images or symbols that help you to feel grounded. Draw one or more of them. You are invited to express gratitude for these things that are assisting you.
  • Transformation. Start by drawing a subject that represents you feeling thankful. Sometimes being thankful can come from growth after loss. Your drawing can be a subject that relates to this transformation. For example, a butterfly that has gone through changes to achieve its new state of being.
  • From Chaos to Peace. Each of us feels emotions when we feel out of control or chaotic; alternatively we also feel emotions when we feel more at peace with what is happening around us. Draw six circles on your paper–three circles can represent chaotic feelings and three circles represent the peaceful feelings. Notice the colors and marks you have made in each, and how they make you feel.
  • Shield of Support. Consider drawing a shield. In this shield draw representations of things that provide you with support. You can also use words to describe who or what makes you feel supported today.
  • Emotional Reflection.  This will be a drawing that is done over the course of several hours. Consider drawing your different emotions throughout the day. There may be a few or many different emotional states that you draw. To do this drawing, keep your art supplies close by and whenever you feel a shift in your emotions, consider drawing it. Reflect on the drawing at the end of the day.
  • Emotional Regulation.  We all have times when we feel more regulated and less regulated. Consider drawing the two different states of being. One side of your drawing can represent when you are experiencing less emotional regulation and the other half when you are experiencing more emotional regulation.
  • Important Things in Life.  Draw two (or more) subjects that are meaningful to you. Try and make these two subjects merge together. It is OK if this drawing may look surreal or goofy. Reflect on the importance of these subjects in your life.

Expression Through Art via offers choice, inspiration and prompts and uses a variety of expressive mediums for self-expression. Creative expression can improve mental and emotional well-being and help manage stress and anxiety.  No experience necessary.