Healing and Wellness Offerings

To download or print a copy of our wellness schedule, click HERE.

The Trauma Healing Project is offering virtual groups and classes to help keep you safe during this challenging time.  With the exception of our Full-Body Acupuncture clinic, our wellness services are offered online through Zoom.  If you need help with online navigation or have equipment or internet challenges, give us a call at 541-687-9447 or e-mail info@healingattention.org and we will try to help.  We also have a wellness newsletter to offer self-care tips, empowering information and wellness resources.  To view past Tips and Tricks for Surviving and Thriving newsletters, click here.

Be safe, be well.

*Fees: The break even cost for our weekly online classes is $15.00. This is what it costs us to provide the service. However, in this challenging time, we encourage you to attend regardless of your ability to pay.

Traducción en español:

El Trauma Healing Project está ofreciendo grupos y clases digitales para ayudarles mantener seguro durante estos tiempos difíciles. Con la excepción de nuestra clínica de acupuntura de cuerpo completo, nuestros servicios de bienestar están ofrecido en Zoom y Facebook Live. Si necesitas ayuda navegando tecnología o problemas de internet, puedes llamar este número (541) 687 – 9447 y vamos a tratar de ayudarte con tus dificultades.

*El Cargo: El cargo para nuestras clases es $15.00. Esto es lo que nos cuesta para ofrecer este servicio para cada persona. Pero, en estos tiempos difíciles, estas bienvenido de atender a pesar de tu habilidad de pagar. 

Full Body Acupuncture Clinic – By Appointment Only 
Wednesdays, Appointments from 11:30 pm – 1:15 pm (*$30-sliding scale)

Acupuncture can benefit stress, anxiety, physical symptoms and general well-being.  Call 541-687-9447 to reserve your spot for an individual treatment in a community acupuncture setting.  We are currently only scheduling for fully vaccinated participants.  First time participants will need to complete a one time orientation before attending acupuncture, which will be completed during your first visit. Space is limited.  To schedule, please call 541.687.9447 or e-mail info@healingattention.org.


Center and Renew
40 + wellness sessions led by Emily Pyle and Jen Donovan have been recorded and are available for streaming or download through our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel


Expression Through Art (offered through Zoom)
Fridays 4 pm – 5 pm  (*$15-sliding scale)

Expression Through Art via offers choice, inspiration and prompts.  Through Zoom you will use your favorite expressive mediums for self-expression, which can improve mental and emotional well-being and help manage stress and anxiety.  No experience necessary.


Gentle Restorative Yoga with Robert (offered through Zoom)
Tuesdays 10 am – 11 am (*$15-sliding scale)

Gentle restorative yoga is suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced.  Relax, renew and restore with gentle flows, series and pranayams.


Nia: Moving to Heal (offered through Zoom)
Wednesdays 3 pm – 4 pm (*$15-sliding scale)

Nia is a fusion of dance, mindfulness and martial arts blended into a powerful synergistic workout designed for anyone.  Nia can help to heal from injury or illness, reduce depression, anxiety and stress and improve mobility and strength, or for those simply looking for a gentle practice.


COMING SOON:  Women’s Veterans Group 

This is a women veterans connection group, we are raising awareness and healing through learning and discussion. The project is a pilot of a six week course that walks women through core discussions to advance skills of our own process and personal development. When we see ourselves as healthy and thriving, we perceive the world around us as safe and maneuverable.