Healing Arts Team

Healing Arts Team

Abby - Mindfulness








Abby – Mindfulness

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Annie Orion Simpkins -  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine








Annie Orion Simpkins – Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Annie Orion Simpkins DAOM, L.Ac is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Certified Yoga Instructor. Blending yoga, acupuncture and Oriental Medicine comes naturally to Annie. The modalities complement one another and Annie imbibes this. Weaved through each of her healing traditional acupuncture treatments and classes are breath techniques, hands on adjustments and massage, meditations, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral work along with herbal, seasonal and dietary recommendations. Annie’s deepest desire is to help clients find balance and vitality in their lives, and she personalizes each session to accomplish this. She enjoys getting to know each person’s life journey and being a part of their growth and wellness.

Amy - Mindfulness








Amy – Mindfulness

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Christine - Feldenkrais & Craniosacral Therapy






Christine – Feldenkrais & Craniosacral Therapy

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Dawn McIlwain - Reiki








Dawn McIlwain – Reiki

Dawn McIlwain is a Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master and has trained in cross-cultural Shamanic practices. Reiki is very gentle, yet quite profound and for Dawn, it has been incredibly transforming on many levels.  She considers it a joy and a privilege to work with others in their healing journeys, to be able to share Reiki and to witness healing on a deep level.  She believes that to be the best practitioner possible, the work needs to incorporate the entire being – body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Each session includes listening, and meeting the person where they are in order to tailor a session to each person’s individual needs. Dawn teaches all levels of Reiki, co-facilitates healing retreats and is a multi-media artist whose art has evolved to include Reiki energy and Shamanic techniques which enliven the artwork and imbue it with healing energy. 

Janet Hollander- Nia








Janet Hollander- Nia ACE Certified | Nia Technique First Degree Black Belt | Member of Nia Training Faculty | BA Gerontology
A Trainer of Nia teachers and Nia students exploring personal growth, Janet is relishing the opportunity to delve deep into all aspects of Nia and continue her personal practice of Dancing Through Life.
A certified instructor through the American Council on Exercise, Janet Hollander also holds a BA in Gerontology, specializing in Older Adult fitness. ACE has awarded her specialty recognition in both Older Adult Fitness and Mind Body Integration. She has taught exercise classes for Lane Community College, local parks and recreation centers, and privately since 1982. Currently on the Events and Program staff at Willamette Oaks Retirement Community, she oversees the fitness program.
Adding Better Bones and Balance certification to her credentials, a current area of special exploration and emphasis is the correlation between Nia choreography and exercises found to be beneficial for building bone density and improving balance. “They’re all there in a Nia class, and we have so much fun dancing strong!”
Janet’s philosophy of exercise holds that it should be pleasurable rather than painful. She applies her knowledge of the aging process to make classes safe and beneficial for all ages and ability levels. Jeya Aerenson OMD, LAC - Acupuncture Jeya Aerenson OMD, LAC – Acupuncture







Jeya graduated in 1993 with a Masters of Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM, and later went on to receive her Oriental Medical Doctorate in 1996. Her studies included 3 months in China.  She has practiced in Flagstaff, Snowflake, and Tucson, Arizona before settling in Eugene, Oregon in 2005. Jeya has explored and practices many forms of physical and energetic healing with a focus on the mind-body connection. She has received certifications from established schools as well as experiencing and studying with indigenous healers. In 2011, she brought 12 acupuncturists to learn traditional healing in Oaxaca, Mexico. She continues to return annually to teach acupuncture and acupressure techniques to health care providers in rural villages.

In 2013 Jeya began collaboration on the project SoulChiSa – creating workshops using Cuban music and movement, Chi/Energy, and mind-body techniques to discover one’s inner dancer.

When Jeya isn’t doing the work that she loves, she can be found exploring the spectacular beauty of Oregon, practicing Spanish, dancing to Cuban rhythms/ Rueda de Casino, or in her garden (or all of these together).

Julia Siporin - Yoga







Julia Siporin – Yoga

Julia is a registered yoga teacher and trainer at the 500 hour level. (E-RYT 500 & YACEP). She offers Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT) at the 200 and 500 hr levels as well as drop-in classes, series, and private yoga sessions.  Yoga teachers looking to maintain their Yoga Alliance certifications can get their hours by taking workshops, series, or trainings with Julia.












Karen’s unique background enables her to observe and understand what a body needs. She began honing these skills as a veterinary technician and former zookeeper. Love for the earth brought her to a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz.​  After suffering a car wreck, acupuncture helped her heal and inspired her to earn a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA.

Chinese Medicine views the body as a microcosm of the earth, which dovetailed with Karen’s earlier training. She went on to study Acutonics, a system of Planetary tuning forks and sound healing viewed through the lens of Chinese Medicine. As sound and music links the body, earth and cosmos, Karen finds playing the harp to those in need to be highly rewarding. She is a Certified Clinical Musician from the Harp for Healing program.

Her private practice is Wise Turtle Acupuncture, in Springfield, OR and her harp offerings are found via MeadowlarkHealing Harp. Karen loves offering community acupuncture at the Trauma Healing Project.

Kevin -Hypnosis








Kevin -Hypnosis

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Leticia Garcia Tiwari - Yoga Therapist Leticia Garcia Tiwari – Yoga Therapist

Leticia is a survivor of academia who left to pursue a growing love of movement as well as a passion for working with children and youth through creative play. She has several years of experience developing therapeutic and educational programs for at-risk children and youth at nonprofits such as Ophelia’s Place, Trauma Healing Project and Cornerstone Community Housing. Before moving to the area, Leticia worked with public schools in inner-city Philadelphia and immigrant and refugee communities along the U.S. Mexico Border researching the effects of resource access and allocation on the health and development of children and families. Leticia’s unique approach to mindfulness is playful, dynamic, and expressive while somatically informed. As a yoga teacher she does not teach be-quiet-and-calm yoga, rather she facilitates expressive movement, collective creativity and encourages students to step into their practice with a sense of wonder and joy. It is her belief that learning such life skills as emotion regulation, healthy attachment and focus/concentration should be both educational and fun!

Nathan Markovich - Massage Nathan Markovich – Massage

Nathan Markovich, a 2015 graduate of Ashland Institute of Massage, offers comprehensive therapeutic treatment. With a combination of soft-tissue manipulation and corrective exercises, he is able to meet clients where they are and help them achieve their goals. His empathetic and focused presence promotes a deep sense of healing that leaves clients feeling their pain seen and problems addressed.

In his free time Nathan enjoys playing sports, hiking, and exercising in any way. In addition, he is a student at the University of Oregon majoring in psychology and religious studies. His goals are to attend a graduate program in counseling psychology and explore psychosomatic therapies in conjunction with massage.

Starr Amrit- Resistance Flexibility Strength Training Starr Amrit- Resistance Flexibility Strength Training

First and foremost, I’m called to be an educator and advocate in health and wellness. At Scripps College, I studied how “life” worked and majored with a dual degree in Biology and Anthropology, honored with Phi Beta Kappa and a fellowship to study women’s health issues in South India. After seeing global health care problems, I was inspired to be a doctor and was accepted to medical school. Upon a careful examination of my values, turned it down to train as a doula, a midwife, and give birth to and raise 2 beautiful children. I have worked as sexual health and pleasure educator, crisis responder, and postpartum depression counselor. My passions have focused on women’s self advocacy in own personal well being. My lifelong study of yoga and massage supports my work as a trainer of Resistance Flexibility. After being stretched at the Santa Barbara Resistance Flexibility studio 3 years ago, I knew this work was the next step in bringing the body in line with emotional and psychological healing. What appeals to me in teaching self stretch classes and private assisted sessions, is the opportunity to support an individual’s emergence of their own body’s intelligence and empowerment.

Sylvie Delpy - Motivational Coaching Sylvie Delpy – Motivational Coaching

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Ting Jing-Craytor - Acupuncture Ting Jing-Craytor – Acupuncture Ting Jing-Craytor is a licensed Acupuncturist and the owner of Healing Panda. Ting is board certified by the National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is licensed by the Oregon Medical Board. Ting earned her Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in June 2017. Ting specializes in acupuncture treatment for Neurological disorders. Beside her private practice, Ting is leading a “Cognitive Alert and Emotional Balance”-scalp acupuncture group and a full-body acupuncture group at the Trauma Healing Project, serving people in the community. Ting moved to the States in 2012, she fell in love with the people and the natural environment of Oregon. Ting believes real healing happens in a relationship created by client and therapist with love, compassion and resiliency. Ting enjoys driving to the coast for agates hounding, herb identification, and photography in her spare time with her sweet husband Charlie. She also loves spending time with her cat Hua Hua, a smart fluffy Maine Coon.