Healing Through Discussion Group Resources

Healing Through Discussion is a peer-run support group that brings survivors together to experience, learn and share about healing from trauma. We regularly move through the eight topics below. Participants have been asking for resources on these topics. Below are Topic Questions for consideration around the topic as well as resources that you may enjoy or find useful. None of this is requisite for attending and participating in calls. Also, as we find new materials we made add or replace these resources. Attached is our wellness schedule which provides a number of supportive activities.

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Topic #1 – The Impact of Trauma & Resilience

For Reflection

Trauma is not a disorder but a reaction to a kind of wound. It is a reaction to profoundly injurious events and situations in the real world and, indeed, to a world in which people are routinely wounded.

Trauma is a concrete physical, cognitive, affective, and spiritual response by individuals and communities to events and situations that are objectively traumatizing. On a simple level, for the most part, people feel traumatized or wounded because they have been wounded.”

~ Bonnie Burstow

  • How has your life been impacted by trauma?
  • What are the ways you have been resilient?
Additional Resources

Topic #2 – Mindfulness

For Reflection
  • What do you find relaxes you?
  • What do you know about mindfulness?
  • Has any mindfulness practice been helpful to you?
  • What are some other things that we can do mindfully?
Additional Resources

Topic #3 Coping & Healing

For Reflection
  • What emotions were allowed in your family?
  • Which were not?
  • Are there any you struggle with or show more easily?
  • Are there any you’d like to ‘get to’ in your own healing process/journey?
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Topic #4 – Helpful & Hurtful

For Reflection
  • What has hurt you?
  • What has helped you?
  • What gives you hope?
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Topic #5 – Healing Strategies

For Reflection
  • What are your healing strategies?
  • Which strategies do you find to be most effective?
  • Are there other strategies you would like to try?
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Topic #6 – Boundaries & Communication

For Reflection
  • What is an example of a boundary you have successfully set for yourself?
  • —What does it mean/feel like to put yourself first?
  • —What is one thing you’d like to do to promote your own wellness and self-care?
Additional Resources
  • Boundaries & PTSD – Why You Need Them & How to Set Them (PDF attached)
  • Boundaries and the Self by Arielle Schwartz (attached .doc)

Topic #7 – Grief & Loss

For Reflection
  • What are the ways you grieve?
  • What are ways you listen to your body?
  • What are ways you nourish yourself?
Additional Resources

Topic #8 – Reclaiming Our Future by Noticing Our Present

For Reflection
  • What are your thoughts about the future  – hopes, fears, and goals?
  • What are ways you can ground yourself and bring yourself into the present?
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