Nadia’s Dream

Thank you for honoring Nadia Telsey’s work and values by donating her life-changing book to women in prison.

Overwhelmingly, women who are incarcerated are survivors of gender-based violence. Nadia Telsey and Lauren Taylor’s workbook, Get Empowered, is a tool that has proven to change the lives of women who have used it.  It was Nadia Telsey’s dream to get this workbook into prisons. You can help make this happen by donating a workbook for $20*. Consider donating more if you can.

Women imprisoned in three states are already touched by Nadia’s dream and excited about receiving the book. The first twenty books will be used in a course to be offered this spring at the Coffee Creek women’s facility in Oregon. Subsequent donations will purchase books for women incarcerated in Delaware and Florida.

If you would like to listen to Nadia recently sharing her wisdom and discussing the book, follow this link to the YouTube video.

*Please note: all proceeds will go directly to the purchase of books.  If you decide to make an extra donation in the optional section, that additional money goes to cover credit card processing fees and is not a donation to the Trauma Healing Project.  Please put $0 to avoid the extra charge if you prefer.