Consultation & Technical Assistance for Organizations

We work with diverse organizations in fields including healthcare, social services, and education to implement trauma-informed protocols and practices that can reduce costs, increase staff retention and satisfaction, and improve health and quality of life outcomes for service recipients.

Our consultants will support your organization to conduct a reflective assessment of your services, policies and practices, to identify and prioritize specific goals, and to develop recommendations for moving toward a more trauma-informed model of care. We can also provide technical assistance as you implement processes that will move your organization towards being more trauma-informed.

Areas of focus for consultation can include:

  • Trauma-Informed Care Change Team Formationhow to create trauma-informed care implementation teams that have the knowledge, skills and authority to create significant and lasting change
  • Communicating for Changehow to start and sustain healthy dialogues with staff, youth, and families about your organization’s commitment to implementing a trauma-informed model of care and related changes to policy and practice
  • Organizational Self-Assessmentshow to gather information about your organization’s current strengths and needs for growth towards becoming trauma-informed, including the perspectives of staff and consumers
  • Trauma-Informed Policy and Procedure Developmenthow to create policies and procedures that sustainably integrate principles of trauma-informed care into your organization’s daily operations and future growth
  • Building Workforce Competency in Trauma-Informed Carehow to create training plans and standards that ensure that staff at all levels of the organization have the knowledge and skills they need to recognize and respond confidently and compassionately to persons experiencing the impacts of trauma or toxic stress
  • Supporting Workforce Wellness Practiceshow to embed protective factors against the impacts of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout into workplace culture
  • Planning for Sustainabilityhow to create standards and practices that ensure trauma-informed care remains part of your organization’s culture over time

Customized Training

We can also customize any of our trainings to meet the needs of your specific organization. This can mean focusing on the application of trauma-informed care to a specific professional discipline, service population, or organization type. For example, our trainings have been customized to the needs of residential treatment facilities, early childhood interventionists, and peer-support organizations.

To request a customized training for your organization, click here to fill out our training request form.

To learn more about our consultation services, or to schedule an initial consultation meeting with us, please contact Emily Pyle at, or Elaine Walters at