Training for Professionals

The Trauma Healing Project is a leading provider of training on trauma and trauma informed care in western Oregon.  We offer a regular schedule of trainings that are open to the community and are appropriate for a wide range of educational, social service,  health and mental health care professionals, as well as for community members who are survivors of trauma, friends and family of survivors, and anyone with an interest in trauma and trauma healing.

Participants in our trainings report being more knowledgeable about the impacts of trauma on individual and community health and more confident in their ability to recognize and respond skillfully to trauma-reactive behaviors in others, and more able to create workplace practices that remove barriers for service recipients and support personal and professional well-being in the workforce.

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Customized Training

Any of our trainings can be customized to meet the needs of your specific organization or group. This can mean focusing on the application of trauma-informed care to a specific professional discipline, service population, or organization type. For example, our trainings have been customized to the needs of residential treatment facilities, early childhood interventionists, and peer-support organizations.

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Post-Training Support

Trainees often leave a training excited about new knowledge and eager to apply it, yet research supports the important role of post-training support in translating learning into objective changes in behavior and practice. We offer post-training support to organizations in the form of practice-based learning sessions, in which staff come together to learn a structured process for applying trauma-informed thinking to real cases. Participants in practice-based learning sessions have reported this support has been crucial in learning to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

For more information about training, including customized training and post-training support, contact [email protected].