Keeping Momentum, Creating Change: Trauma-Informed Team Work Session

Date: TBD 

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: Trauma Healing Project, 1100 Charnelton St., Eugene OR

Cost: $450 per team

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This one-day workshop and planning session will bring together organizational leaders and champions working to implement trauma-informed care practices in their organizations. The goal of the workshop is to provide teams with the knowledge and skills to plan for and implement system changes that will remove barriers and improve outcomes for youth and families in our community who are impacted by trauma and adversity.

Following the work session, participants will be prepared to:

  • Identify their organization’s developmental stage in the process of becoming trauma-informed, their next steps for moving forward, and the internal and external resources available to support these next steps.
  • Plan for communication strategies which will create buy-in and engage the workforce and consumers in the processes of change.
  • Describe and plan for the processes of trauma-informed care implementation, including building infrastructure for change, identifying and prioritizing goals, planning for assessment processes to establish baseline and progress measures,  and creating an implementation workplan.
  • Develop Continuous Quality Improvement processes to sustain the integration of principles of trauma-informed care into the daily operations of their organization.

Who Should Come: As many members as possible of the organizational team that will be implementing trauma-informed care within their local settings (programs, divisions, offices, etc.) As much as possible, teams should be multidisciplinary to reflect all professional and support roles in their local setting, including consumer voice when possible, and should include persons with authority to make practice and policy-level changes.

For more information about how this work session could meet your team’s needs, please contact [email protected] or 541-687-9447.