Trauma Informed Lane County – A System of Care Project


You have come to the landing page for members of Trauma Informed Lane County, a System of Care Project funded by participating organizations and community partners. Lane County’s System of Care has made a commitment to support its member organizations in implementing trauma-informed care practices that remove barriers and improve outcomes for youth and families impacted by adversity and trauma in our communities.  If you are part of a Lane County System of Care organization and you’re interested in accessing consulting support for your trauma-informed care efforts, please contact Elaine Walters at [email protected]. You may also download and complete the Trauma Informed Lane County Member Application, to include with your e-mail.

Trauma-informed organizations recognize the impact of trauma on their ability fulfill their core missions, and work to develop organizational practices that respond to trauma in ways that promote healing and build resilience. The resources here are intended to support the work of organizational leaders and champions of trauma-informed care in understanding the principles of trauma-informed care, the developmental processes involved in moving towards a trauma-informed care model, and the tools available to carry out these processes.

General resources for all organizations implementing trauma-informed care practices are included here, as well as tools and resources specific to different types of systems and service settings.

Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resources:

Trauma-Informed Care Implementation: Overview & Readiness

Trauma-Informed Care Team Development

Tools for Organizational Self-Assessment

Workplan Development & Continuous Quality Improvement

Trauma-Informed Environments & Physical Spaces

Workforce Wellness & Self-Care Resources

System & Discipline Specific Resources