Manager and Supervisor Series

It is often the case that Managers and Supervisors are directed to implement initiative without the background, training, and rationale needed for successful implementation.  To that end, we are again offering a five part learning series to help Managers and Supervisors implement Trauma Informed Care.

We will use the most current and vetted materials and will allow time for small group  discussions and activities.

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April 14th- Taking on the Role of a Champion 

In this session we will explore more in-depth strategies and the core competencies supervisors and managers need to support workers to provide trauma informed care.

May 12th- Trauma Informed Supervision

We will explore more in depth strategies and core competencies that support workers as they provide Trauma Informed Care to those they serve.

July 14th- Trauma Informed Competencies from Hiring to Professional Development

In this session we will identify core competencies that workers need in order to provide a trauma informed care and how to train and hire based on those competencies.

September 8th- Crisis De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution

In this session participants will explore de-escalation techniques and review processes, practices, policies and procedures to elssen the occurrence of crises and mitigate the effect when they happen.

November 10th- Workforce Wellness

In this session we will examine personal and organization strategies to support workforce wellness.