Training Schedule

Summer-Fall 2019

Trauma-Informed Care Basics & Crisis De-escalation

Training Date: October 9, 2019

Professionals  and support staff working in primary care, behavioral health and other social services settings need up-to-date information and practical skills to remove barriers and improve outcomes for survivors of trauma and adversity. This training will cover the prevalence and impact of trauma, guiding principles of trauma-informed care, strategies for preventing and managing vicarious trauma and promoting workplace safety, and techniques for managing and deescalating crisis situations. 8 hours.

Trauma-Informed Ethics, Boundaries, and Communication

For Mental Health Professionals: TBD. Satisfies Continuing Education requirement in Ethic for LPC’s and LMFT’s.

For Bodyworkers: November 4, 2019. Satisfies Continuing Education requirement in Ethics for LMT’s.

Recognizing how primary and secondary trauma impact physical, mental, and emotional health gives new insight into common ethical dilemmas encountered in healing practices. This workshop is for healing and helping professionals who want to provide competent, compassionate care for clients with histories of trauma and toxic stress. 8 hours.

What We Know About Healing: From Traditional to Evidence-Based

Training Date: March 2020

Individual and collective trauma and adversity have been part of life throughout human history as have efforts to survive and recover from them.  Modern approaches to trauma have roots in traditional healing systems that have been in use for thousands of years. Community members, including professionals, are invited to explore what is common and what is different in current trauma healing practices. 8 hours

Keeping Momentum, Creating Change: Trauma-Informed Team Work Session

Training Date: October 21, 2019

This one-day workshop and planning session will bring together leaders and champions working to implement trauma-informed care practices in their organizations. The goal of the workshop is to provide teams with the knowledge and skills to plan for and implement system changes that will remove barriers and improve outcomes for service recipients and support the organization’s ability to fulfill their core mission.  Please contact Emily Pyle, [email protected], for date.

Sustaining Ourselves: Workforce Wellness in the Face of Trauma

Training Date:  December 2, 2019

This workshop is for professionals who work with survivors of trauma, as well as lead staff and administrators who want to develop and sustain workplace cultures that are healthy for everyone. Participants will explore the impact of trauma on workers and organizations and develop trauma-sensitive strategies for supporting the health and well-being of staff and organizations serving survivors of trauma.

Trauma-Informed Supervision

Training Date:  December 2, 2019

Supervisors in people-serving settings will learn to apply trauma-informed thinking to common challenges in supervision, including recognizing the impact of unresolved and vicarious trauma on workers, giving and receiving effective feedback, and taking a strengths-based perspective with staff. Please note: Either Trauma Informed Care Basics or Sustaining Ourselves in the Face of Trauma is a prerequisite for this training.


For more information about any training, please e-mail us at train[email protected], or call us at 541-687-9447.  Any of these trainings can be customized to meet the needs of specific organizations, service settings, professional and community groups, etc. Request a customized training.