Women’s Creative Writing Series

Trauma Healing Project Spring 2021 Writing Workshop Guidelines


This writing workshop will be facilitated by a trained Amherst Writers & Artists facilitator.  The facilitator will follow the Amherst Writers & Artists method of writing in community.

  1. No writing experience is necessary.
  2. A writer is someone who writes.
  3. Our goal is to create a safe space to cultivate and honor each writer’s unique voice.
  4. All writing is treated as fiction. We do not assume that what is written is true, and we do not ask questions about the writing.
  5. Reading your writing aloud is encouraged, but always optional.
  6. Feedback is always focused on what is strong in the writing. (The Spring 2021 workshop will not include feedback.)
  7. There is no hierarchy here, the workshop facilitator writes and shares in community with the participants.
  8. Our goal is to write, not to edit. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Just keep your pen moving.
  9. Our goal is to create, not to criticize or judge. Trust your writing to stand on its own, without explanation or introduction.
  10. You are always welcome to skip the writing prompts and write about anything.

Safety First:

  1. Although participants do not ever have to write about difficult or traumatic life experiences, we never know where a writing prompt will take us. Please seek support from trained professionals and healthcare providers if needed.
  2. Workshop facilitators and participants are not trained to hear the details of traumatic events or to help trauma survivors process their trauma. Please seek support from trained professionals and healthcare providers if needed.
  3. Although writing is a healing practice, it is not a substitute for medical care.

Web Conferencing:

Audio – Feel free to mute yourself during the writing and break times, and whenever you are not reading your writing aloud.

Video – Video is always optional.  For web meeting platforms that have a speaker and gallery view, decide which is most comfortable for you. Please turn off your video during breaks and while moving around, so it does not distract others.